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About Multi Investment

At Multi Investment LLC we approach each opportunity with an unyielding entrepreneurial spirit, constantly striving to generate both stable cash flows and superior returns. We accomplish these goals by executing on our strategies of acquiring existing stabilized cash flowing assets at below replacement costs, and to support stable, consistent, distributions. In addition we acquire opportunistic assets which we can reposition, or develop to create value enhancement and capital appreciation.

With years of experience in successful real estate investment, development, and lending, Multi Investment has built a reputation for Expertise Backed by Results. We have demonstrated the ability to translate deep industry knowledge and continuous market tracking into successful business decisions. At Multi Investment we maintain an unyielding entrepreneurial spirit, which keeps the pipeline full of exciting, high-growth opportunities.

Our vision is to be the premier real estate investment and operating company in our markets as recognized by our people, our partners, and the investment community. Our Mission is to deliver exceptional work place environments and innovative solutions. Our people bring pride, passion and commitment to real estate.

Our Approach

Through the identification of supply-demand source imbalances in capital, product types and information availability, Multi Investment achieves attractive risk-adjusted returns by investing in real estate, non-performing loans, distressed assets, real estate-dependent operating companies, and select commercial and residential development opportunities throughout the world


Multi Investment employs the entrepreneurial investment strategy which has been successfully executed over the past decade. This strategy is designed to consistently achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns by minimizing competition with other capital sources, while maximizing value through intensive post-acquisition management.

Three themes define this strategic approach:

      Cautious Contrarianism
      During downturns or secular changes, investing in out-of-favor sectors or markets to exploit capital or product misalignments.

      Exploitation of Inefficiencies
      Capitalizing on information advantages to identify micro-market imbalances and secure investments on favorable terms.

      Value-added Management to Optimal Exits
      Creating capital appreciation opportunities through repositioning, restructuring, development, and intensive management.

Multi Investment has effectively applied its investment strategy throughout a variety of market conditions. As competitive pressures in the U.S. portfolio sector reduced expected yields, Multi Investment expanded the geographic and product scope of its investment activities while maintaining the discipline of its historically successful strategy.

Investor Access

Access our investor reporting interface via the login information provided in your investor registration document.

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Multi Capital offers debt placement, equity placement, and strategic advisory services. Your plan and objectives are the foundation for all the services we provide. Any activity we undertake on your behalf is based on our thorough understanding of your needs and goals.

  • You can turn to Multi Capital for help with your deal from start to finish. Our experts will work with you to determine which lender is appropriate for your transaction.

    - Lender-specific underwriting standards result in highly customized financing solutions -
    - Multi Capital agent manages negotiation process with each lender one on one -
    - Independent 3rd party due diligence reports (appraisal, environmental) submitted after lender is selected -
    - Closing process conducive to a highly negotiated transaction -

    We can provide you with a bid comparison and a recommendation. Our recommendation takes into account: your plan; our assessment of the relative attributes of the proposed deal structures; our experience with each of the lenders; an assessment of the process; and the probability of the deal closing on the proposed terms.

    Once a lender is selected, we help negotiate the application and manage the due diligence process. We also assist in the negotiation of the commitment and can assist in the actual closing of the loan.

  • When it comes to raising equity, Multi Capital works with numerous high net worth investors who take a sophisticated approach to commercial real estate ventures. These investors are well-versed in the asset class and have chosen this niche as part of their investment strategy. They understand the property type, geographic markets, and skills a sponsor must possess to execute a plan successfully. Since each investment represents a significant risk, they have rigorous expectations for underwriting-ones that Multi Capital is equipped to meet.

    If your plan calls for equity placement, we can help you from start to finish. We will:
    - Create an executive summary -
    - Recommend a capital structure -
    - Create an underwriting package that is tailored to help the equity investor measure performance throughout the life of the investment -
    - Isolate a group of investor candidates whose goals are aligned with your deal structure -

    We provide you with the comparisons and a recommendation. Our recommendation takes into account: your plan; our assessment of the relative attributes of the proposed deal structures; our experience with each of the equity investors; an assessment of the process; and the probability of the deal closing on the proposed terms.

    Once an equity investor is selected, we help with the term sheet process and joint venture documents.

  • Multi Capital can provide invaluable market perspective to help position you for future success. We can help value your current property portfolio and identify opportunities to maximize your returns through an appropriate mix of sales, refinancing, and/or acquisitions.

    In addition to working with individual investors, we also work with real estate development companies to value:

    - Projects in progress -
    - Future development opportunities -
    - Development rights -
    - Depth of the management team -

    What actions will best position the company for the future? Sale of the property? Sale of certain assets or projects? A new financing structure for the asset or projects? Multi Capital can help you create a plan that answers these questions. Lastly, when you're ready, we will help execute the plan.

Capital Sources

Multi Capital provides access to a wide variety of capital (lenders).

Multi Capital
In our role as a principal, we often serve as a funding source for our clients. We're deal makers who make proprietary investments from controlled pools of capital. When we compete with other lenders to provide short-term capital to a borrower, we compete fairly. Our agents work on behalf of their clients to secure the best deal possible. The most efficient structure with the best pricing-whether or not it's our funds-wins the deal.

Some lenders provide capital with the intent of aggregating loans to create bonds to be sold on Wall Street, also known as Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (CMBS). These institutions serve as a conduit in the creation of bonds whose value will be supported by the income stream associated with the debt service payments of the underlying mortgages.

There are many investment banking firms that procure these types of loans (CIBC, Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, etc. There are also numerous banks that procure conduit loans as well.(Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Wachovia, LaSalle Bank, etc.)

Some portfolio lenders make loans that are kept on the institution's balance sheet rather than being aggregated for sale to the CMBS markets. These lenders include national, regional, and local banks. At Multi Capital we have an established relationship with a multitude of these lenders. They are often more appropriate as a funding source in many markets.

Life Insurance Companies
Some life insurance companies work with us in a correspondent relationship, which means they work with us exclusively in our markets. Others active in making loans work with us in a nonexclusive relationship.

Opportunity Funds
These institutional investors also provide short-term capital for high risk, high return investments. This is also referred to as mezzanine funds.

Equity Investors
These institutional investors provide short-term capital for high risk, high return investments. At Multi we have access to a variety of high net individuals as well.


Here are some links to sites we have found useful in serving the needs of our clients.

Thanks to the Internet, information helpful in structuring, underwriting, valuing, and financing commercial real estate is more readily available. Here are links to some of the sites we find useful in serving the needs of our clients.

Notable Transactions

Effective capital solutions for the real estate market
Partial Record of Recent Transactions

About Multi Capital

Multi Capital is a Real Estate Investment Banking firm whose prime focus is our client's interest. As a part of The Multi Group of Companies, we have successfully been involved in excess of $7 billion Dollars of real estate transactions.

Over the last decade, Multi Capital has built an array of complementary financial and advisory services. Today, Multi Capital offers, owners, investors and developers comprehensive debt structures, corporate advisory, and construction consulting services, as well access to a wide variety of investment and financial services.

For Owners:

Multi Capital is a Real Estate Investment Banking firm, specializing in the full spectrum of real estate financing. This is the case whether it is the acquisition or refinancing of an office building, shopping center, industrial building, mixed-use, multi-family property or health related facility.

For Developers:

In today's challenging development business building the right team is the single most important task you do to ensure your success. Our initial review in selecting the clients to work with begins by assessing what parts of the team are intact and which core disciplines are missing. Our emphasis is to consult and build out the balance of the team whenever necessary. We essentially have two sides that we offer our Developer clients, the Consulting side and the Capital side. While many of clients find their way to us in seek of capital we often find through discovery they need us for other development disciplines as well.

News and Press

To Cater To Millennial Renters, Offer Co-Living, Co-Working Spaces
Some believe Millennial renters don't view their homes the way earlier generations did. more »

New Ways to Bridge the Gap
Springhouse Partners purchased the four-story building at 90 Meserole Street, between Leonard Street and Manhattan Avenue, from an LLC named 9096 Meserole Street. more »

Real Estate Investment Might Be Having a Moment
The real estate market is still struggling. However, the fact that people aren't buying residential real estate right now can make this the perfect moment to invest in real estate commercially. more »

Where could Success Academy go now?
After Mayor Bill de Blasio blocked the co-location and expansion of three Success Academies, the charter school empire headed by former city council member Eva Moskowitz, the question remains as to where her displaced schools could find a home in the city's current real estate market. more »

East Williamsburg rental trades for $430K per unit
Springhouse Partners purchased the four-story building at 90 Meserole Street, between Leonard Street and Manhattan Avenue, from an LLC named 9096 Meserole Street. more »

Silverstone to create high end rental
Silverstone Property Group, LLC, has announced plan for a turnaround at 247 East 28th Street, the Murray Hill tower it purchased for $52 million last week more »

$53M Kips Bay rental project to get $12M renovation
Silverstone Property Group, along with equity partner RWN Real Estate Partners, plan a $12 million repositioning of the Murray Hill apartment building they acquired last week for $53 million. more »

Multi Investment Facilitates $200+ Million Sale of NYC's 88 Leonard
Chicago-based real estate investment firm Waterton Associates closed on the first part of its purchase of 88 Leonard Street from Africa Israel USA this evening, the firm's managing member and co-founder, David Schwartz, confirmed. more »

Chicago blows into TriBeCa
Chicago investment firm closed on one of the city's biggest residential deals this year -- a roughly $220 million transaction to purchase the luxury TriBeCa rental apartment building at 88 Leonard St. from Africa Israel, sources told The Post.more »

FDIC Sells Failed Bank Assets to Private Investor Group
New York based Multi Distressed Asset Co. paid an unknown sum for a bulk purchase of assets from the FDIC which was taken back from numerous failed Banks nationwide. more »

Multi Distressed Asset Co. Acquires DiscountedProperties.com
Multi Distressed Asset Co., part of The Multi Group of Companies (Multi), has acquired Texas based DiscountedProperties.com, a portal for bank owned real estate and REO properties. DiscountedProperties.com is a growing market leader in the distressed real estate industry and currently works in conjunction with some of the country's largest financial institutions. The financial terms of the agreement are undisclosed. more »

Multi Distressed Asset Co. launches 3rd Fund as industry widens
Multi Distressed Asset Co. (MdAG 3 or Multi) launches its 3rd fund to continue to acquire REO assets from Financial Institutions nationwide. With the successful close of its previous two Funds, Eli Verschleiser a founding partner at Multi Distressed Asset Co. said "We are in a time where the opportunities are enormous. History is being written on a daily basis. Assets have been written down to levels of disbelief. We have a proven model and will continue to grow and take advantage of the current market situation." more »

Multi Capital Completes 200 Million Shekel Bond Raise in Tel Aviv
This week Multi Capital successfully completed The Leser Group LTD bond offering in Tel Aviv, of up to NIS 200 million. U.S. real estate markets are suffering a serious retreat because of the subprime mortgage crisis and resulting credit crunch in the United States - and Tel Aviv is showing a lot more demand for bonds than New York. more »

Riparian rights granted for Trump Tower Philadelphia, as Rendell ends riverfront moratorium
Eli Verschleiser a founding partner at Multi Capital announced that Trump Tower Philadelphia will finally move forward, it has been a long and challenging road," he stated. The project will now break ground. With the Governor Ed Rendell's signature Friday afternoon, two developers received the right to build condominium tower projects that will jut onto publicly owned land beneath the Delaware River. Mary Isaacson, State rep O'Brien's chief of staff, said "With the riparian rights lease in hand, Trump Tower can soon begin construction." Penn Treaty Tower's developers still need more permits, she said. more »

Multi Capital (MCG) closes a $39,100,000 pre-construction loan in Lower Manhattan
The loan is a land and pre-construction loan for a 242 key hotel development that will include meeting spaces, a health club, a bar and lounge, and a restaurant on the 32nd floor. Eli Verschleiser, a founding partner at MCG stated that in today's market it is not a secret that it is difficult to fund ground up construction loans, but in the past 30 days, MCG has closed two new construction loans for EB Developers. The other loan was in South Florida, a truly difficult market to get funding. more »

Multi Capital (MCG) closes a $25,000,000 Construction loan in Doral Florida
Bernard Nagelberg a principal at Multi Capital announced that Multi Capital has arranged for a $25,000,000 loan for the Landmark at Doral, located in Doral Florida. The loan was a pre-construction loan for the Landmark at Doral (http://www.landmarkatdoral.com), a 120 acre site that will be developed in numerous phases. The project will contain 1,100 residential condominium units, approximately 100,000 SF of retail space, 100,000 SF of professional office space and an additional 266,000 SF of office space. more »

Hotel-Condo project to face Westin
The Seattle skyline will change, as will the central business district, with the construction of a twin-tower, 43-story building planned for a half-block site across Fifth Avenue from The Westin Hotel. Offering high-end hotel, condominium and office space, as well as deluxe retail space at ground level, developers of the 1.2 million-square-foot building at 1913 Fifth Ave. will break ground next year, said project manager Alec Carlin of Hummingbird Advisors of Seattle. Completion is expected in 2011. more »

Clifford Perlman, Chairman of Multi Group of Companies to be Honored
A union organizer, pioneering industry executive, an entertainment innovator and an award-winning chef will be inducted this year into the Gaming Hall of Fame. John Wilhelm, hospitality industry president for Unite Here!; Clifford Perlman, former CEO of Caesars Palace; legendary magician and entertainer David Copperfield; and Michael Mina, owner of Mina Group and managing chef of Michael Mina Bellagio, Stripsteak, Seablue and Nobhill, all in Las Vegas, will be honored for their achievements on Thursday, September 20 at the 19th annual Gaming Hall of Fame Charity Dinner and Induction Ceremony. Caesars Las Vegas Hotel and Casino will host the event, which benefits the National Center for Responsible Gaming (NCRG). more »

N.Y. developer plans another hotel/condo tower
New York firm Multi Capital plans two hotel/condo projects on Fifth Avenue, across from the Westin. A New York firm that is developing a large-scale hotel / condo project along Fifth Avenue across from the Westin now plans another one on that block. Hummingbird Advisors, a for fee-development manager, has filed plans for investment banking firm Multi Capital of New York to build a 45-story, 590,000-square-foot complex with 200 hotel rooms and an equal number of residential units, likely luxury condos, at Fifth Avenue and Virginia Street. more »

Company plans hotel-condo towers in downtown Seattle
New York real estate investment banker Multi Capital plans to build two hotel and condo towers in downtown Seattle, the company confirmed Monday. Each tower would equal about 500,000 square feet, for a total of 400 hotel rooms and 400 condos, said Steven Gestetner, vice president of the New York company and founding member of the project's Seattle development manager, Hummingbird Advisors LLC. more »

Multi Capital (MCG) Closes on the Eaton Center, a Class A Office Building in Cleveland Ohio
Multi Capital represented an International Investment Group in the purchase of Eaton Center, a class A office building located in the financial district of Cleveland, Ohio. The property was built in 1983 and is a Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill design. The property contains 615,000 square feet and serves as the world manufacturing of automobile, electric, and aerospace product. more »

Multi Capital (MCG) Closes a 1,000,000 Square Foot Portfolio
Multi Capital represented an International Private Investment Group in the subject transaction in securing Senior Debt & Mezzanine loans, totaling the amount of $112,000,000. The Harrisburg Area Office Portfolio is a total of eight Class A & B Office Buildings totaling 356,502 SF. The buildings contain a complimentary combination of high quality design standards including brick, glass curtain wall and exterior construction; attractive atrium lobbies in the mid-rise office buildings and prestigious private entrances in the single story buildings. Tenants include Clear Chanel, Deloitte and Touche, Paychex, Highmark and other notable tenants. more »

Multi Capital Completes $82,000,000 financing of The Plaza at PPL Center in Allentown, Pennsylvania
Multi Capital today announced that it has completed the financing of 835 West Hamilton Street, known as The Plaza at PPL Center. The buyer was a group of International investors led by Mr. Safrin and Avery Egert of NYC. Liberty Property Trust was the seller. The Plaza at PPL Center is an eight-story, trophy office building, and was sold with a nearby, parking garage. The 252,193 square foot building houses four tenants, including PP&L Energyplus LLC for 79% of the building. First floor retail tenants include Nazareth National Bank in 3%, and Amazon Cafe and Johnny Manana's for a total of 3%. Liberty Property Trust built the building and the 1,109 space parking garage in 2003. more »

Balancing payoff of monorail land sell-off As developers move ahead, neighbors lament lost chances
On a busy Crown Hill corner once envisioned as a monorail stop, some neighbors would love to see cute shops, street trees and apartments or condos. The stretch of 15th Avenue Northwest dotted with driveways, anemic trees and dead tulips could use an influx of residents to help humanize this automobile corridor, some believe. But developers spending $1.7 million to buy two parcels from the doomed monorail project have another vision. They're considering a renovated retail development with additional parking and possibly a drive-through, according to a sale agreement. more »

Trump to unveil plan for condos on river
Philadelphia will get its first glimpse tonight of the luxury high-rise condominium tower planned by real-estate tycoon Donald Trump for a pier on the Delaware River. Trump, also bidding to build a casino in the Nicetown-East Falls area, plans to unveil plans for the 263-unit, $190-million Trump Tower Philadelphia, which he plans for Pier 35 1/2, 709-17 N. Penn Street. The pier sits on a thin wedge of land that juts into the river just north of Spring Garden Street. more »

Trump waterfront condo plan not tall on specifics
PSST! HAVE YOU HEARD anything more about the Trump Tower coming to Philadelphia's waterfront? If not, it probably means you are not on Donald Trump's A-list of those who have enough moolah to buy into one of his signature skyscrapers. There are no local newspaper advertisements to lure other buyers for the 45-story, $190 million condo tower proposed for 709-717 Penn St. The site is otherwise known as Pier 35 1/2 , a thin wedge that juts into the Delaware River just north of Spring Garden Street. more »

Monorail moves to end car tax June 30
The Seattle Monorail Project board officially moved Thursday night to end June 30 the special motor vehicle tax levied on Seattle vehicle owners to pay for the now-defunct project. The board received a report that 31 of its 33 purchased properties have now been sold back at a profit of about $14 million. more »

Multi Capital Closes On Office Building in Virginia Beach, Virginia
A group of Canadian investors represented by Moteli Property Group USA of Lakewood, N.J. has acquired a 70,760 square feet class A office building at 4425 Corporation Lane for an undisclosed price. The property, a single-tenant asset, is occupied by Amerigroup Corporation (NYSE: AGP), a publicly traded healthcare company. Amerigroup Corporation has recently signed a long term lease through 2016. The property serves as Amerigroup's corporate headquarters. more »

Multi Capital Closes another Residential Condominium Conversion Loan in NYC
Multi Capital, a Real Estate Investment Banking firm has arranged for an $18,500,000 condominium conversion loan in connection with their client's purchase of 372 Broadway in the TriBeCa neighborhood of New York City. The loan was a combination of Senior Debt and Mezzanine financing with a total capital structure of 92% LTC. The property located in the trendy neighborhood of TriBeCa NY, consists of an existing building that will be completely renovated and fitted with luxury finishes. The project will have an additional Penthouse level added to the structure. more »

Multi Capital Continues To Close Condo Conversion Loans In Florida
Multi Capital (MCG) recently arranged financing of $42,500,000 for the condo conversion of The Arbors at Fletcher Island, a 352-unit apartment community in Tampa, Florida. The 31 acre property located at 13400 Arbor Isle Drive offers Mediterranean architecture which exudes a true Floridian feel with premium interior features and abundant living space. more »

Multi Capital in the Equity arena for value added office
Multi Capital, a Real Estate Investment Banking Firm, recently arranged equity in the amount of $14,000,000 for the acquisition of Norden Park Plaza, in Norwalk CT. The 650,000+ GSF building is constructed of steel frame and masonry and is comprised of a single two-story office building, an office/research and development technology building. The property enjoys a campus like setting consisting of manicured lawns, mature trees and bushes, pathways and a patio. There is plentiful parking with 1,879 spaces (3.1 spaces per 1,000 square feet). more »

Developer Plans Boutique Condo Hotel Resort in South Beach's Hip SoFi District
A locally based developer has acquired two contiguous sites in the SoFi neighborhood of South Beach and will transform them into a boutique hotel condominium complex. The properties are currently two vacant three-story buildings. The unnamed borrower intends to immediately convert the building. The nationally based Multi Capital arranged and closed a 12 month bridge loan for $4.2 million in connection with their client's purchase of "The Madison" 304-312 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach Florida. more »

Multi Capital Closes on $32,000,000 Condo Conversion Loan
Multi Capital's Eli Verschleiser announced today that Multi Capital executives arranged and closed an 18 month loan facility for $32 million in connection with their client's purchase of 137-141 Duane St., a.k.a. 92 Thomas St. in the TriBeCa neighborhood of New York City. Multi Capital was able to move with incredible speed, getting the lender to close the transaction within three weeks of bringing the lender to the deal. more »

Multi Capital (MCG) arranges $19,200,000 Condo Conversion loan in NYC.
Multi Capital, has arranged for a $19,200,000 condominium conversion loan in connection with their client's purchase of 15 West 17th Street in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. The loan was a combination of Senior Debt and preferred equity for a total capital structure of 95% LTC. The property located in the trendy neighborhood of Chelsea NY, consists of an existing 11 story building. The project's total square footage is approximately 23,100 SF. more »

Professor Lawrence J. Longua joins Multi Capital.
Multi Capital was pleased to announce that Lawrence J. Longua has joined the company as Senior Managing Director to its New York office. The announcement came at The 2005 Metropolitan Symposium on Real Estate Development & Finance which was sponsored by The Mortgage Bankers Association of New York Scholarship Foundation, Inc. and New York University, School of Continuing and Professional Studies. The event took place at The Real Estate Institute yesterday at The New York University Rosenthal Pavilion in the Kimmel Center. more »

Multi Capital, a national real estate finance company, has arranged a $6,000,000 construction loan in Brooklyn NY.
Multi Capital, a national real estate finance company, has arranged a $6,000,000 construction loan in Brooklyn NY. The two-properties located in the trendy North Williamsburg section of Brooklyn NY, consist of a vacant parcel of land and a 5 story building. The land will consist of a six story luxury condo building with one unit per floor. The existing building will be converted into luxury condominiums as well. more »


We only accept resumes submitted directly by candidates.
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New York NY

Commensurate with experience

Reports to CEO; A Member of Management Committee

A highly motivated Executive with a proven track record as a CFO with extensive knowledge of and experience with Real Estate Investment financial reporting, controlling and accounting.

For further inquiries please contact us

Vice President

Capital Markets Unit

New York NY, and Miami, Florida

Reporting To
Managing Director

Multi Capital is an integrated full service provider of capital related products and services to the commercial real estate industry. Focus will be on transaction volume while working closely with a Team Leader: volume minimum of $10 - $25 million over first 12 months and $50 - $75 million per year over a three year period.

Performance Objectives

  • Office environment of between 3 - 8 professionals with debt origination and placement background or investment sales background.
  • Participate in a team approach to a full range of real estate products and services, including debt placement, merchant banking, equity placement, investment sales and transaction advisory services, optimizing financing between propriety and third party funds based on client and deal parameters.
  • Participate in strategy to develop new clients and expand existing client relationships, shaping the product mix to the local market and client needs. Experience Summary
  • 5 - 10 years experience in mortgage banking real estate, real estate lending or real estate investment banking or real estate consulting.
  • Relationships with users of capital in applicable region.
  • Relationships with national institutional investors.
  • Consistent track record of closing high volume of transactions.
  • Able to excel in an entrepreneurial team oriented environment.
  • High energy; driven to achieve performance.
  • High integrity.

For further inquiries please contact us

Equal Employment Opportunities

Multi Capital is an Equal Opportunity Employer. So that equal employment and advancement opportunities are available to all individuals, employment decisions at Multi Capital will be based on merit, qualifications, and abilities. Employment practices will not be influenced or affected by an applicant's or associate's race, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law.

Multi Capital will make reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with known disabilities unless doing so would result in an undue hardship. This policy governs all aspects of employment, including selection, job assignment, compensation, discipline, termination, and access to benefits and training.

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